Lucy Boston

Monday, April 12, 2010


I have been accused...
yes, accused!

But in this case, the
accusation was a compliment.
I think...

I have been told that I am
And I don't think that it was said sarcastically...
That's a compliment, right?

I'm taking it as a compliment...
No question!

These pictures are part of the reason for the accusation.
First, as a little set-up:
my quilting machine is set up in the back sun-room.  (I suppose it could also be called the porch, but this is enclosed and doored and we already have a deck, so I just go with sun-room, 'cause it does get the sun and it's bright and it makes me smile.  If I was in Florida, it would be called the Lanai, but this is Ohio, so sun-room.  This room also occasionally serves as a "summer kitchen", but that is another story.)

Here's a picture of the corner of my quilting room...
It holds an old kitchen cupboard with all my quilting machine related stuff in it, on it and beside it.  You can see the end of the quilting maching rollers in the foreground. 
There is a great bank of windows to the right of this, which would be behind where I stand to run the machine.
Then the other end of the machine:

there is another bank of windows and that is the view out the back of the sun room.  The sign and crocks and flowers are on the window ledge and at the end of the quilting machine.
Isn't that a great view? 
The lattice is for a couple of climbing flowers. 
And, that is where I planted those giaganto climbing "tree tomato" plants last year.
Anyway, back to the accusation:
The signs in the pictures. 
Scroll back up and check out the signs.
But mostly, the accusation is because of the flowers...
I told someone that I really think that the flowers added to the cheerfulness of the room...
Check out those flowers.
The person did not agree that dandelions are flowers. 
Why would I want dandelions in my special room. 
Where I had to see them all the time? 
They were weeds, and weeds are not cheerful,
they just keep coming back and spreading vile seeds
and choking out other plants and etc, etc.
Yes, I call them flowers. 
Not weeds.
Bright and sunny yellow FLOWERS.
I think that they are beautiful and cheery and
how could I not be happy and optimistic,
in this environment,
doing what I love to do,
with the signs,
and the flowers,
and the sun,
and even if it's cloudy outside, still a lot of  natural lighting.
I confess...
I'm guilty!!
If the accusation is optimism...
Completely guilty.

SO, I wish you a Dandelion Week!
Optimistically, of course.


  1. I'm with you, Debra. Dandelions are flowers. So are lupin and mustard and queen ann's lace. Together they make a beautiful bouquet. And there are times when that is all that blooms in my yard! ps: I have a "Hoosier" exactly like yours in my kitchen. It holds all the stuff that needs a home like envelopes and paper clips and scotch tape, etc.

  2. Ask any child who has just gathered you a bouquet, yes, dandelions are quite the happy flower. Love your post, thanks for sharing.

    p.s. I'm growing a few too many of these in my front yard this year... *smile* pokey


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