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Friday, April 30, 2010

spring fruit

I finally took down my glass, crystal, and plastic snowflakes.  :(
I had told sweetie that I was waiting on the last snow before I took them down. 
You know the old saying?
"Three snows after the forsythia blooms" ?
It usually holds true. 
But this year, only two snows after those great yellow blooms.  Though it has been cold enough the last few nights - down to 30 degrees and frost. 
Anyway, this year we celebrated Easter here at the ole homestead with my family and with my few Spring/Easter decorations of German candy containers (that are rabbits) scattered around AND the snowflakes still hanging across the back glass patio doors! 
No one in the family even said a thing about the snow still hanging around the rabbits in here!  Do you think they are getting a little more "gentle" as they age?  I was thinking that maybe someone switched out both of my brothers.  And, go ahead and lump my sis in there too! (hehe!) They all  feel free to rib me about every thing else under the sun, so I don't really know what's up with that.

So, back to the snowflakes being down... I finally gave up on getting the last of the three snows after the forsythia, 'cause I found this in the garden:
Rhubarb is the most wonderful fruit! 

So tart and puckery and fresh. 
And the first thing from the garden for the season! 
Maybe that's why I like rhubarb so well...
it's just springs from the cold, frosty and sometimes snowy ground
and announces that is is spring...
and I always have to make something with it immediately!
So many rhubarb recipes to choose from...
 so I chose Rhubarb Crunch from all of the rhubarb recipes.
Rhubarb, (I add strawberries), oats, butter, vanilla....yuuuuummmmm!
It's a grandma recipe... from both my grandma and from Sweetie's grandma.
And similar to a couple of those great church/local cookbook recipes. 

Rhubarb Crunch...
Even if you don't think you like rhubarb, I bet you would like this recipe...
The strawberries with the rhubarb...
well, it just makes a melt in your mouth,
scrumpt-dilly-ishes-ness that is not too sweet,
not too tart,
mouth watering,
packed with freshness crumble/crisp,
that just makes you think that winter is gone and
spring is here!
If you'd like the recipe, leave me a note and I will email you a pdf file!  You won't be sorry you did!

Maybe I will have to start taking the first rhubarb dish of the season as a sign to take down the last of the winter decor!!!


  1. I'd love the recipe for the rhubarb crisp! It looks yummy! Thanks! :0)

  2. I'd love the recipe, Deb. I had my first ever rhubarb last week, in a strawberry-rhubarb pie. Excellent!

  3. Don't laugh...I don't like rhubarb, at all! BUT, I grow it in my garden, LOL! I do, I do! I think the plant is just amazing and the beautiful red stems on those leaves just make me smile; so, I planted a plant (one plant) that grows as big as a bush. It is HUGE! and it just comes back every year. =) I am happy to send some home with anyone who stops by and compliments it. Share and share alike. My neighbor makes pies and she is happy to take some every year. She says it freezes well too. I wouldn't know, I think it's ornamental, LOL!

  4. I only have a small herb garden but this year I planted one plant just to see what it will do. I hope it's like Brenda's and gets really big! But then I hope I can figure out how to use it. :) blessings, marlene


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