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Monday, April 5, 2010


I have a new friend today - acetaminophen.
Ok, I am a litte under the weather.
We had a great Easter gathering with my family. 
(Sweetie thinks I was just trying to get out of the after-party clean-up :))

Spring has arrived in central Ohio, so I just thought...
so had the allergies arrived. 
But, no,
a bug arrived instead.
I had my flu shot for H1N1.  Thankfully, THAT bug did not arrive!
This bug is holding on tight to my head (and stomach, but the headache is worse).
I'm going with a 24 hour bug.
That's all I'm taking the time for!!!
(power of positive thinking and all).
Tried loading a quilt on the HQ.
Found that that is not a project to do when your head is spliting.
Next thought, I would work on my flock of birds...

No, who would have thought that the sewing machine is tooooooo loud?
No flock of birds today.

Then I pulled out my Easy Catch, work in progress.
I still have two sides on which to hand-stitch red dog ears.
Even hand stitching is a no go. 
It is only lunch time;  I may be trying to push the 24 hour thing back to a 12 hour thing.
So, I guess, I will just go lie back down and dream up new quilt projects.
Down, by not out!

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