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Monday, April 26, 2010

announcing the new MLQ

From my last post, I only had three comments, so not quite enough support to justify changing this nations'
"Great American Pastime "
from baseball to quilting. 
But, really, imagine what could be accomplished in quilting in the time it takes to watch a major league game!!   How many games a season? 
We may have to create the MLQ...
Major League Quilting.
We'll have to work on making that change, won't we?

Quilting is what I have been working on, though.
Here are a few pics of customer quilts:
The first is a great baby quilt that is Julie's - for her first grandbaby!
I quilted with waves, 'cause there's some of that great Hawaiian themed fabric in it and as the backing.
Then, this is my Great-Aunt Mary's.  String pieced stars that is humongous! and just great colors - so patriotic!
Next up is Mary's.  This is a Bullseye quilt...all of those circles are raw edge, so she is now working on binding and then washing it so all those circles on circles will become fluffy.  I can't wait to see this one all washed and crinkly!!
Then, last, but not least, these two are Carolyn's.  The star one is a mystery night project, I think.  I love the stars and then how the green fabric creates a secondary pattern within the block and the quilt.  And then the adorable leaping frogs!  I quilted loopy meandering with random dragonflys.  I think the recipient will love all the bright, jumping frogs!

And, finally,
a picture of my front flowers...
the jonquils and daffodils are now loosing their blooms,
but these purple things are blooming nicely above the grape hyacinth.....I purchased these "hanging head" bulbs many years ago when I took my mama to Williamsburg, Virginia. 
I can not remember what they were called (let me know if you know what they are), but wish now that I had quite a few more, as they bloom for a while and after the color is gone from all the daffodils. 
Please don't notice how badly this bed needs a cleaning after that winter we had...
Just know that I took the time to smell the flowers today...
have you?


  1. Beautiful quilts! I'd prefer quilting over baseball any day! :0)

  2. Your beds look better than mine.

  3. Nice quilts!! I'm with Terry...I prefer quilting to baseball any old!!


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