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Saturday, April 17, 2010

quilt colors of spring

The blues... this is Kay's - it's about 60x80 inches and I did the quilting in an in and out paisley meander.
The oranges & greens..... is Bonnie's  and finished at 62x75; I quilted it with a windy, swirly meandering that I thought went with the fall leaf border.
The pinks & browns... this is Jennifer's first quilt and she really enjoyed making it.  Hopefully we can suck her into becoming a full-fledged quilter someday soon!  It's about 60x70 inches and she did perfect points and matching.  Can't tell she hasn't done this before!
The white, blacks & fuschia red... Bev's is also about the same size, and just spectacular as usual. 
This one (I believe) and a couple of the others will be going to the
auction that is coming up at
Red and grey and might even see this one there at the shoe... 
If you don't know about Kids n Kamp, it's a non-profit group that is a "Lifeline of Support for Families Touched by Childhood Cancer".   It actually started as just a "camp experience", but now has follow-up and counseling and activities for the whole family, siblings and child effected by cancer.  It's a wonderful group of people that are involved and helps a wonderful group of people, too.  If you have a minute, click on this LINK and check out the organization and Bev (click on their calendar to see all of the projects they have going). 
(And they always take finished quilts for the quilt auction in the fall!!)

All of those quilty colors - just like the flowers and birds - a little brightness in my day.
Hope it added a little brightness to your day also.
Now, back to work at the HQ Fusion for me -
Thanks for stoppin' by and hope your weekend is great!

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