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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

memories and spring

I was taking a break after loading another quilt on the machine...and I took the time to look out my windows.  Really took the time to look around.  Look.....I think Spring has finally sprung!!! These wonderful spring flowers were looking back at me!
The redbud and lilac were starts from Sweeties' Grandma.  She passed just two years ago at 95 years of age.  She shared more than just flowers with us, you can be sure.

The roses are climbing over the fence; these roses were a gift, planted in memory of my father...he has been gone for seven years.

The helleborus is coming to the end of it's bloom.  Helleborus starts to come through the soil and blooms start to bud in February.  A sure sign that renewal is coming to this patch of earth. 
This helleborus was a gift from Grandma Holland, when she was here visiting.  (She really is from Holland, and not my grandma, but I claim her as mine through an exchange student & family that I also claim as mine).  I didn't know that this flower would be my memory of Grandma Holland, but it is.  She has been gone for three years now. 
Note that the bird house has a little sprig of twig hanging out...a sure sign that the birds think that it is spring!.  The house is also leaning from all the heavy snow that is now long gone.  (well, we hope the snow is long gong....I only counted "two snows after the forsythia bloomed", not three as the saying goes, and I believe in the folklore passed on by my Great-Grandma B and others.
Anyway, spring flowers and birds building nests and sweet memories...
Spring has Sprung...
What a wonderful life...
now back to quilting and making more memories!
There are just a dozen (or so) awaiting meandering. 
I must be slacking!
But I'm not going to stop taking the time to check out the blooming flowers occasionally!

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