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Saturday, April 10, 2010

more meanderings

Meanderings in thread ...
The first two are Billie's.  She was on a deadline - a birthday and a day of birth!
Next, is Tammy's:

It's a darling little baby quilt, with minkie borders.  Have I ever mentioned how it's not fun to quilt minkie???  Especially not on borders???  But it turned out oh, so cute!

The next two are from Joell.  She is finishing up a bunch of flimsies.  I think both of these are from the LQS Mystery series. 
This one was Austria... I think I can see those Alps... and I think I was singing "the hills are alive..."  Be glad you missed that!
So that was my week working here at home.
I guess that's pretty productive. 
For some reason, I felt I wasn't accomplishing much.
The pictures help me see the finishes, I guess.
Oh, I guess I did stitch some too...
on my "Small Catch" project -
just a top border left to hand-stitch those silly dog-teeth. 
Oh, and I ordered a new book...
('cause I need another know how it is!)
it's primitive and was just released and I can't wait to share with you.
Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a great weekend!

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