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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I had some helpers the other day...

It was exactly a year ago, to the day, 
that a niece came over and made her first ever quilt block.
She was patient and accurate and oh so excited.
And we kept planning on getting her back over here
to sewing more blocks.
You know about best-laid plans...

Anyway, fast forward one year:
the same niece and a nephew came to sew with me.
I thought the niece was eight and the nephew was seven...
Well, I was informed by the niece that she is TEN!!!,
and then by the nephew that he is NINE!!!
Don't know what happened, but not 8 and 7!!!
Then, the nephew explained it to me:
"Time flies".
Here are her two finishes for the couple of hours that we worked.  She has the ambition to make a quilt big enough to cover up with (I guess the longer we wait, the bigger it will have to be!).
And here is his almost finish. 
He is making a gift - shhh...(and it still needs one more side).Anyway, now I know why I get not enough accomplished every day.
Explained to me by a seven  nine year old:
Time flies!

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  1. It's wonderful that you are sharing your talent and knowledge with the next generation of quilters.

    I know you had a fabulous time with them.


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