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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

trouble and wool

I have worked on a couple of ongoing projects recently...
Yay for me!  Working on something that is already started!
That is a rather novel idea...
Wool Crazy is one of the ongoing projects:
I added the flag and the pear "make-do" sitting on a spool of thread.
Not a lot accomplished, but a little here and there.

Then, remember this book:
From this point on, this book should be known as The Troublemaker...
Notice the "stuff" around the book??
Yep, while I was playing in the wool bins for my Wool Crazy,
out jumped some Blue Wool.
Then the white and yellow wool followed their cousin, Blue.
Pretty soon,
you guessed it,
there was a little kit calling to be cut out!
And right after that, there was a needle in my hand, a thimble on my finger, and some silk thread and scissors on the table next to me!

Isn't it just so cute?
And I made YOU promise to not let me start something else!!!

But really, stitching.
Think of all the trouble I didn't get in while I was doing this!
That is my story, I'm sticking with it!

Happy Stitching to you today!


  1. Deb, I love the jar with the daisies.

  2. Thanks, gals...I love the jar also. Now to finish it up with stems and the jar wording!


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