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Sunday, July 4, 2010

July is the new June

You know how
"they" say
that 40 is the new 30,
that 50 is the new 40,
and so on and so on?

Well, I think that July is the new June.
July? -
that is THE month for weddings around here now.
Pick a weekend, any weekend in July,
and you can bet I will be at a wedding!
What happened to all the June weddings?

Don't they know that it is REALLY, REALLY HOT here in July?

But I am going to attend all of them that I am invited to...
All the hot, hot, hot outdoor weddings.
All of the July is the new June weddings.

"dress clothing that does not show perspiration"
In search of some type of dress that does not show "perspiration".
Who am I trying to kid?
It is sweat that I need to not show!
Any ideas?

Hot, Hot, Hot, in Ohio
Hot in Ohio/July is the new June...

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