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Friday, July 16, 2010

seeing double

This is Patty's quilt that I got to meander across....
This is Patty's quilt that I got to meander across...
Wait, did I just say that?
Yep, guess I did.
Yes, there were two...
She made some gifts - and aren't the colors just so rich and vibrant?
Next up, Jan's beautiful stars.

That is my week in review.
my paternal family reunion is this weekend-
at my house...
seventy-five to one hundred people coming...
I only need to do the meats and drinks and table service.
And clean, can't forget that.
And this is my very own quilt...
loaded on the machine.
Well, batting is not in yet, nor is it basted onto the backing.
Yes, I am planning on this being on my bed before the reunion on Sunday!
At the time I set the goal,
the weekend of the reunion seemed a great date for a finish goal. 
Now that I am counting down and in the single digits for reunion arrival, maybe not such a great goal and/or idea!

But that is how my mind works most of the time.  Better under pressure?  Maybe. 

Maybe seeing double is the result of too much "stuff" going on, of trying to get too much done and not allowing enough down time! 
Oh, well, back to the meandering - I have family coming this weekend!

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