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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wacky Wool Wednesday

last night I hosted our monthly gathering
of the crazy, woolly ladies --
 as opposed to those "woolly hookers".
There were NINE of us.
Although the temperature was Africa Hot,
these nine gals ventured out,
most of them from the far side of town,
and brought their woolly projects!
Did I take any pictures?
Did I have a great time?
Did we accomplish much?
Don't really know, doesn't really matter.
Consensus was we had a grand, woolly time.
Here's an after-the-group-left shot of my corner of the table...
I started A Primitive Garden.
Yes, I needed to start another woolly project!
(a couple of the gals in this monthly group are doing A Primitive Garden as a block of the month from Primitive Gatherings; I am using their start as my push to work on a block a month also.  You know, a little push in the behind?!).
Notice in the background,
I have my "baby wash tub" full of wool scraps. 
(It's only holding wool scraps
until called into service for it's intended use,
in case my daughter  anyone was wondering.)
Also in the background is the corner of my "Wool Crazy" project. 
And a bag of goodies from The Good Wives.
There was an earlier in the day field trip: 
The Good Wives field trip
that some of us were able to do before the whole woolly group met.
Dangerous, Good Wives Company.
Dangerous, but great.
Now, I really should go do some quilting...
I'll check to see what the temp is in the Sun room/quilting room.
If it's too hot, I'll have to work on my wool!

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