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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ring in the New

No, this is not a post about the New Year - especially not in July!!
Just a couple of pics of my latest, ongoing hand stitching......blackwork...
These are just the cutest little blocks,
a block for each month of the year,
from a pattern by Kathy Schmitz called Ring in the New.
not the block in the middle -
the one with the year stitched in.....
that is a replacement block.
I didn't care for the June block that Ms. Schmitz had chosen,

I stitched the original June block, though:
What in the world is that????
And it's to symbolize the month of June...
I thought if I stitched it I would figure it out. 
But, no, no clue what this is for June.
Any ideas? 
Maybe a pineapple? 
Maybe a flowering kale? 
Maybe a turkey butt?
Don't know, just know that the butterfly is cute.
Anyway, I stitched up a dated piece for my June block:
I chose another block from another Ms. Schmitz pattern.

This group of stitcheries was also done by a few other gals in the
"Sit & Stitch" group at the LQS
(And, yes, they also replaced the June block!) 
The Sit & Stitch group meets on the first Thursday night of the month
for a couple of hours, along with visiting and laughing while we stitch. 
This time, we were all working on the same thing at the same time. 
Sometimes we are all stitching on our own projects. 
Since we are almost finished with this group of stitcheries,
we are trying to decide what to stitch on next.
We have slimmed down the choices to just a handful...
some barns,
some snowmen,
another Ms. Schmitz design, 
or some baskets filled with stitched flowers...
hard choices.
(Maybe I'll share later those pics of future projects, so you can help us choose.)
I do know that we will not be stitching unknown objects -
pineapple/kale/turkey butt objects! 

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