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Monday, July 19, 2010

reunions and quilts

With the temperature hovering just above 90 degrees,
and the heat index just above 100 degrees,
the paternal family reunion went off without a hitch.
Well, no hitch unless you count:
heat, humidity, and a little rain during the picture-taking time!
We still cook like we are Amish - there was food on top of food. 
This pic shows only half of the kitchen counters,
and desserts had their own table and room!

The quilt that I was making for my own bed made the goal/deadline!
It was finished:  quilted and completely bound (I had the idea that if it wasn't bound, I would still throw it over the mattress and no one would notice that the binding wasn't on it!).

This quilt has a printed panel in the middle of it. 
And it's coral. 
And it's flowers -- hollyhocks to be exact.

First, I don't DO Panels!  Well, not usually. 
Secondly, coral would not be on my list of favorite colors. 
And, thirdly, florals are ok, buy not my usual cut of fabric choice!

But I saw this "kit" at the National Quilt Association show LAST year, and something called to me.  I walked the whole show and went back to the booth that had it.  It still called to me.  Don't know why.  So, I purchased the kit, still wondering why I needed coral hollyhocks in panel form.

Later, that night, as I was putting away my haul from the show,
I pulled out the kit of hollyhocks fabrics and
it dawned on me: 
My Great-Grandma B had coral hollyhocks!!!
The coral hollyhocks were behind the bench by the outbuilding. 
The bench where we sat and snapped beans, and stitched on quilts, and even did some sock-mending.

Somewhere in my memory banks, there were coral hollyhocks.
And this coral, floral quilt was supposed to be made.
For me, before this paternal family reunion!

Reunions and quilts are alike that way, I think...

If something isn't quite finished, dusted, or bound,
no one really cares.
It's all about the memories.

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  1. What a good memory. I wish we all had memories of quilting and snapping beans with a grandparent.


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