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Friday, July 2, 2010

shop sample

  At the LQS
I had a class that was wool on cotton, called Wallflowers...
(not to be confused with Wool Crazy-
that's a whole different can of worms box of scraps!)
 This Wallflower Quilt class was once a month for four months. 
Twelve blocks, so three a month. 
It was a pretty quick project...
just wool whip-stitched with matching thread
(& we quilters have thread, don't we?)
 onto a courthouse step, paper-pieced background.
I didn't even use an iron-on product,
some of the flowers have loose petals. 
And the paper piecing was very simple - a great one for beginners
(or for those who haven't done it for a while and need a refresher). 

Here's my shop sample of "Wallflower Quilt":

a pattern by Waltzing with Bears
The folks at WwB's also have another pattern I think I will do - Wool Garden.
And the best thing about this flower garden?
No weeds to pull!

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