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Sunday, July 11, 2010

local shop hop

Our central Ohio shop hop starts's called Quilt Spree.
Will I participate?
Yes, I will. 
Will I support all of the local shops?
Yes, I will, even if it's just a little at each one.
Even if I really don't need a thing.
There are eleven shops this year -
one is north of me by about 45 miles, and one is south of me by about 65 miles.
With this kind of mileage, it may take more than one day, though, to make the rounds!

Each of the shops has their own focus, so I can purchase something different at each.
Also, each shop contributed a pattern that you receive with the Quilt Spree passport, so that is eleven new patterns!
Each of the shops has some type of special for the hop, maybe a make-it/take-it during the hop hours, & has snacky goodies.  What is better than that?
I am putting together a small list of things that I may have a need for in the future.

Note the word "need", not "want"...

Are you the same?  Do you keep stashing?
Do you feel the same compulsion
to help keep all of our local shops in business? 

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