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Thursday, July 1, 2010

acquiring knowledge

I recently took a class...
when I saw this pattern and the sample
shown in a not so local quilt shop's class schedule:

Sew I Gathered by Renee' Plains.
(You can find her patterns at your LQS, or they can order them in for you.)

I just wanted to make it. 
And it was wool!!

I know some of you out there will scoff at the idea of doing a wool project in the summer.
I do admit, I won't be sitting on the deck in the middle of a summer afternoon with wool thrown across my lap and stitching my little ol' heart out.

But, I do stitch on wool year round. 
Usually small projects. 
Or wool on a cotton base.

Anyway, a friend and I forayed up north and made ourselves a sewing kit book.
I chose purples for the flowers, she chose rusty oranges.  Just too cute, both of them!

It was a 5 hour class - pack a lunch and stitch away!
Isn't it just the greatest?
Here's a pic of the inside envelopes and wool for needles:

Now to fill it with my wool stuff!
Threads, needles, wooly shapes cut out and awaiting application...
It will get good use, I'm sure.
and I learned something...
a little book-binding and that I like the patterns by Renee' Plains!


  1. Very cute! I think I might need to make one. I do not sew with wool, but I could put other hand sewing in it.

  2. I love wool and sew with it a lot! This would be perfect - I may look for the pattern but I might be able to figure it out without it. :) blessings, marlene


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