Lucy Boston

Sunday, October 31, 2010

another fall, another chili bean...

The chili cook-off was a hit again this year!
There were six peeps
that got out their
They stirred up their
bat wings
eye of newt
and spider webs,
and cooked up a big pot of ...
yeah, chili...
for All Hallows Eve.
There was food aplenty.
Besides all the chili there were
corn bread and zucchini pie and all kinds of chili "toppings"
at the bonfire.

And inside, while watching the game:
Veggies and snacks - plural.
Cakes, pies, cookies and candies - plural.
Kettle corn, caramel corn.
Way too much!

Here are a couple of pics before it got really dark
(and before we went inside to watch the state football game) :
The "cauldron row":

 The fire that sure felt good as the
temperature dropped into the low 40's:
This year's winner was called "Game Day Chili"
It had a real "kick" in the spice department!
Next year,
I told everyone it was going to be
Bring Your Own Bean-o

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