Lucy Boston

Saturday, October 23, 2010


more meanderings...
I think these are both to be Christmas gifts...

Imagine a great, fall colored quilt here...golds, blacks, tans....
for some reason, the photo will not load onto blogger....
Grrrrr!  And if I do say so myself, the quilting was nice, too!
Sorry, Bea!  :(

And, Roberta's:
How are people so far ahead this year with their gift making???
What's the secret?
Please tell me!

Both are great, aren't they?
I really want to get this far along in my Christmas gifting!
Might have to get to work instead of visiting blog land, huh?

Happy new week to you!
p.s.  I have heard it is only NINE, yes, NINE weeks until Christmas!

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