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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

well, Cheesecake!

No, that is not an expletive!

It's just that - cheesecake!

I have been in the mood for cheesecake lately,
but if you have ever made a cheesecake,
you know that they are not small!

So I waited.
And waited.


Not my best attribute, waiting patiently.

I think I used to be more patient.
Maybe I have become accustomed to
our life of instantaneous results...

Like microwaved food - almost instant hot food.
Pop it in the little box,
poke some numbers,
and just a minute later:
WaLaa! Hot food!

Or maybe like fast food restaurants -
drive through, pay and pick up a meal.

Or maybe the worst culprit: 
picking up your cell phone
and texting or calling someone RIGHT NOW
and having them answer AND
not having to wait until you get to a Pay Phone or back home.
Pay Phone??? What's a Pay Phone???

Well, anyway,
back to the cheesecake...
I had to wait until I had a reason
to make a cheesecake
that feeds 16.
And the occasion arouse over the past weekend.  Yay! 
And I had a cutie of a helper...
(this pic was before we started licking the utensils
and before chocolate was on the white t-shirt! 
Oops, time to get out the aprons!)
I made this scrumptious
Turtle Cheesecake:
It was well worth the wait! 
a crust of pecans and flour and butter!
(whole wheat flour, of course)
Then the filling of
Two pounds of cream cheese,
eggs, sugar;
Dark chocolate mixed in with some of the cheesecake,
for a bottom layer of chocolaty goodness,
and a "turtle" layer of caramel and pecans!
Bake for a couple of hours...
then chill and cover with a ganache.
Ganache is that french goodie
that includes warming some whole cream
and pouring it over a good, dark chocolate, stirring until smooth.
What could be better?
I am going for a walk...
a very long walk!

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  1. Yum to cheesecake, expletive or not!

    I just tried your rhubarb crunch recipe this week with apples instead.... AWESOME.


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