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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn quilt

 A couple of posts ago, I wrote about a fall-themed quilt that was calling out to me...

This is the book I was thinking of. 
It is a 2005 publication...
And the quilt I was thinking of is entitled
"Midnight Sky".

The black and golden cheddar fabrics would be my stars...
the orange and greens the applique in the border. 
all of these luscious
browns, reds, greens and cheddars
would be my log cabin strips!

 My stash contained most of these fabrics,
but I had (yes HAD!)
to do a little fabric shopping
to find the border fabrics. 
So, that entailed a quick trip north
to one of my favorite shops here in Ohio:
(P.S.  If you don't like to pick fabrics for a project, or don't have the time,
these gals will put together a fabric kit for you...Just give them a call with the pattern you want kitted and they will pull the Best kit you have seen!  And they have a WHOLE LOT of great fabrics in the shop to choose from!  Click on their name above to link directly to their web site.)

Anyway, they had the perfect fabrics for borders for my project:
the large brown floral and the light orangey cheddar plaid.

So guess what I will be doing part of this weekend??!!
I am not wishing away time,
but, I Can't Wait!!!

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