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Friday, December 10, 2010

Giveaway and quilt meanderings...

If you missed it, I am doing a "follower giveaway"... new or old follower...
check out the post "Visions of Sugar Plums" for the rules...Nothing major, you just have to send me an email & answer a question, and I will send you a little "Sugar Plum".  I think I will continue this through the 19th of December, so I can mail out everything by Monday, the 20th.

Now, on to the quilt pictures!
First - a restoration for Maxine...
the holes that were everywhere:
This was a very old top that was hand pieced by her Grandmother in the late 1890's
and passed down through the family, never finished, and at sometime, damaged. 
I repaired, layered, quilted, trimmed, and bound, for
The finish:
 Next, Wilma's
I also got to finish this one after quilting...the binding was a very lovely purple.
It will be a granddaughter's gift.
 Then next up,
I am embarrassed by how long I had this in my possession!
EVERY time I put it back on the machine,
my machine decided it had a problem!
So, I would take it off, take out some stitching and have the machine looked at.
Then a month or two later, repeat the process...
(This was totally "out of" Mary's "box"!
She lives, in her quilting world, a little more on the primitive, dark side.)
But, finally,
a beautiful quilt:
 And, Billie's.
I got to quilt and trim and bind this one, too!
I think it's a gift, so can't say too much,
but a great finish for Billie.  She is very prolific.
When she gives me tops to do, there are usually multiples in the bag!

OK, back to the meandering! 
Christmas is coming!!!

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