Lucy Boston

Thursday, December 30, 2010

rotary, continued

I have a little time off this week and weekend

- going to meet up with some family and friends
for the last Christmas celebration of the year...
Well, timing-wise it will be a New Year celebration, I guess,
but we will celebrate Christmas with them, first
(that is if they can get out of that east coast blizzard!).

I am multi-tasking,
(which is part of the running in circles/rotary feeling)

so as I am packing and
going through my quilting/UFO stash,
(trying to choose a project to take on my trip)
I am also watching a favorite Christmas movie -

It's a Wonderful Life.

(I can't believe that this was a 1946 movie -
and that it really is still relative to 2010 in most ways.)

I'm also thinking that this truly is a wonderful life, even with the rotary!

So, instead of wishing you only a happy 2011,
I also wish you
a wonderful life...
with health, prosperity
and abundance.



  1. I agree on how it's a wonderful life is so true today as it was then

  2. My life is wonderful, thanks to my family and good friends like you.

    Happy New Year
    to you and your family.


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