Lucy Boston

Monday, December 27, 2010


not the sewing implement/rotary cutter this time,
but the traffic rotary

you know - a round-about....

I feel like half of the time I am running in circles.
Too many things to do, not enough time.
Getting into the circle, and not getting out,
just running and running - a never-ending rotary...

Do you feel the same way?

I know that it is a choice, this running in circles...
that I could just say no to a whole lot of stuff,
and I really don't drive myself craZy... most of the time...

Maybe I just need a new blade???  :)

I know, I am going to go sit in my lazy-girl chair, put my feet up and stitch a little. 
That will slow down the round-about  just a little!

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  1. I totally hate roundabouts! The first time I saw them was in Washington D.C. where I was "stuck on DuPont Circle" as they say in the movie for way too long. Now they've added 3 of them on my route to my sister's. I don't see how people don't get killed on those things! As to the busy circles too! We're on a merry go round and can't seem to get off - right? Sigh. blessings, marlene


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