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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

quilts and meanderings

During the
Thanksgiving lull,
(yeah, that's an oxymoron, for sure!)
the commission quilts were just rolling off my machine!
First up, Stella's grandson's quilt.
It was "soaring"!
 Next up, a quick table runner sample (for the LQS)
from the book (that I LOVE) 'Tis the Season by J. Large and S. Wicks.
I meandered the border with holly and berries. 
Next, an anniversary wall hanging by Sue. 
She's a new quilter and did a great job getting this all squared up!
She really doesn't consider herself a quilter,
just a gift maker of gifts that just happen to be quilts!  :) 
I told her that's how is all starts!!!
 And, Wilma's great piece. 
I think this is a gift also, so won't say much else...shhhh.
Last but not least, Diana's "Blue Jane". 
She is making FOUR!,
yes, I just yelled that and repeat, FOUR! of these as gifts.
And, no, I am not one of the recipients, blast it!
If I think I want to gift any of my own projects for this year, I need to get back to stitching and meandering!
That's all for now,
Happy stitching this snowy, first day of December! 

p.s.  Happy 30th, my dear daughter!!!

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