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Thursday, December 23, 2010

more meanderings: on quilts and from my mind...

Why is it that when I'm really busy,
I can stop being busy for just a minute
and all of these meanderings come to mind?
THINGS that would be fun to do...
Start another quilting project...(not finish one of the bazillion UFOs).
Whip up some bread and knead it and set it to rise by the wood stove...(just because fresh out of the oven bread is almost sinful.  Let alone the four to six hours that you need to set aside for the mixing/kneading/rising/rolling/cutting/rising/baking/eating).
Sketch another pattern idea...(three whole books of sketches and notes for a year should be enough to clear a mind, don't you think?).

Yes, all of those things would be wonderful to do,

the things that should be done?  Still waiting!
Well, most of them...
I do have a few things off my list.
Here are the pics for the last few customer quilts for the year:
Joell's monster...isn't it great? 
Love how she made the center to match the great border!
 Another Dear Jane from Diana....
also great, and also love her border.
 And lastly this time,
a restoration of a friends' grandmas' picnic blanket:
One piece backing, cotton batting,
one-patch top tied with red, woolly yarn.

Well, back to meandering thoughts while I work on some of my stuff. 
Come to think on it...
I think I will mix up some bread, and while it is rising, I can work on an UFO Christmas gift and jot some new notes into my sketch book!

Happy eve of Christmas eve everyone!

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