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Saturday, December 18, 2010

meandering and quilts

Real quick...
('cause I should be meandering, not blogging!)
A few of the latest meanderings for other folks...
Dorothy's 30's quilt. 
She rescued this top from I don't remember where.
The top was all machine stitched,
including the quarter-circle appliques with a button-hole stitch.
Wonder if someone got it all pieced and decided they didn't like 30's fabric???
Anyway, Dorothy added a border and picked some great backing and binding and it's a cute lap quilt, isn't it?
I was going to quilt little bow-knots all over it,
but when it got on the machine,
it called out for loop-y hearts
in each of the pieces, colored and white.

Remember Caroline's "birds"
that she was gifting for a niece's wedding?
The one I was angling for, trying to figure how I could be her relative?
Well, she has hers done, too!
 Just as gorgeous as the first!  
Still can't talk her into gifting it my way!

And, finally, for this post,
Susan's new grand baby quilt!
Since I took this photo, I have attached the binding.  

I will hand stitch the binding tonight,
my regularly scheduled evening calming period...
When I put needle and thread and thimble to use
and relax in my favorite lazy-girl chair-
feet propped up and quilt across my lap...

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