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Sunday, December 19, 2010

what was I thinking?!?!?

So, it is the week before Christmas...
Why do I always do this?

So, here's the thing...
We have four grey stockings in our family
which I made from an old wool blanket,
many, many, many years ago.
Over the years,
we had exchange students from other countries
and I shared with them some of our families traditions.
One of those traditions being these same gray wool stockings.
All of the exchange students took home with them their own grey wool stocking.
All except for one.
When my daughter got married a few years ago,
she brought home a store-bought white and blue stocking
with a big silver initial on it for her new husband,
so he would have a stocking on our mantle.
A nice enough stocking,
but not grey wool,
hand stitched and lettered with love.
So our mantle had
four grey wool stockings & one white store-bought stocking.
Anyway, this year,
I realized that I have an extra grey wool stocking
left from an exchange student. 
So I tore out the lining
and picked out the hand-stitched lettering from his name.
And it's ready to put on my S-I-L's name and re-attach the lining.
What could be better than a re-purposed re-purpose, right?

 But that got me to thinking...
That's the catch phrase here...
"got me to thinking"...
My son has a girl friend that he has hinted that "this is the one".
And said girlfriend has a daughter(!-my excitement)
So I am now, again, grey stocking short - two grey stockings short.
And can I find another grey wool blanket?
But I did find this...
A cool cream with red stripes wool blanket...

my creative mind
decided that I could make
all of the girls (me, my daughter, girlfriend and her daughter),
the cream/red striped wool stockings. 
(That would free up two grey stockings for future "guy" use.
Yep, that's me, planning ahead for more family! :)
The girls would all have matching stockings
 in white/red stripes,
and the guys would all have matching grey wool stockings. 
And they would all go together
because they all have the same stitched tree with button ornaments!
But, like I said,
that was my creative mind.
My rational mind
is saying what in the world are you thinking?!?!?

So, that nice cream/red strip blanket is now this:
And this
 Awaiting these:
Also awaiting the red cording, names and lining!
So, what was I thinking?!?!?

All I can say is Happy Stitching!!!

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  1. I love this idea of using wool blankets and buttons. I made stockings for my boyfriend and his daughters this year. His was a red Hot Wheels print and the girls were fun xmas patterns. The Girls seemed to enjoy the stuff that came out of the stockings much more than the stocking but Steve loved his.


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