Lucy Boston

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

even if you make it a month...not enough time

Bad news:  National Quilting Day has come and gone again this year...
Good News:  National Quilting Month is still alive and kicking!!!!

I spent the weekend with a friend
and we sewed
and sewed and sewed...

I have great intentions...

Self, I say,
don't start anything new
until you finish something already going.

Well, what did self do? 
Self started something new...

Friend and I both had purchased the same kit at one time or another...
We thought we would get together and stitch this up... together, a finished top.
We got together over the weekend -
in honor of National Quilting Day/Month...
And stitch we did.
Until we came to the blue with stars...
Here's the pattern:
Here's the fabric in the kit:
Notice that the stars are off-set,
so anyway you cut it, stars are hacked off through the points.
Even if you cut it on the bias, the stars were still going to be cut off.

Neither friend nor I could put this
blue star fabric into our quilt with the stars cut off.

Here are the bars all finished:
and the sashings:
So, this left me with another started project...

I purchased (on the way out of town) some blue fabric,
and got home to my wool stash...

So, I say to self,
start cutting out little wool stars to applique
and this project will be done in no time!!!
Right???  Right... Right!!!


  1. I left one comment and it was dropped. Oh well. I cannot decide if I should put 7, 13 or 48 stars on the blue fields. This is a WWII quilt so I am pulled to placing 48 stars on it. I tried tried the 7 for Seven Sisters and I did not like it. Too much blue. I thought about 13 for the original colonies but it did nothing to relate to a WWII quilt. Since I have not decided I soaked mine in two pots of strong coffee and baked it for several hours. I love the "dirty" look especially with the dirty muslin backing. So, what is it 7, 13 or 48?


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