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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have a problem (& GIVEAWAY, don't forget, only two days left)

OK, you regular readers -
you know I have a problem problems.
But...Usually it's the problem of well...
don't let me kid around here, there are many...

Here are a few of my problems:
  • I am a snow freak.  I love snow.  But, wait, I love Spring. And I love Summer.  And I love Autumn.         (OK, I Love the Good Life- every bit of every day, every change of every season.)
  • I like to write - so this bloggy thing is an outlet, but really, I don't know why you all come back sometimes (but I say thanks so very much).
  • I like to cook and bake and knead dough..  That could be a really BIG problem if I let it... he he
But, the problem that I'd like to address today?

  • I work part-time in a quilt shop...
There, I said it...
I love my work...
I really, really love my work...
So, you say, what's the problem?
Loving your work should not be a problem....
I work in a quilt shop...
And almost everyday that I am there
I am bombarded by New Stuff...
Books, patterns, gadgets!
And the fabric!
Oh, all of the yummy fabric.
I didn't used to say that.
I used to only mostly use the more traditional fabrics.
And the reproduction/early 1900 fabrics.  And the tickings.
Those repros - well there didn't used to be so many of them to be found,
 a few choices of calicoes here and there...or maybe some scraps in an antique store or at an auction.
Now there are SOOOOOO many new lines, so many great designers, so many scrumptious colors and designs.
How's a person to choose?!
And now, the beautiful 30's! and the batiks! and the tonals! and the black/whites! and the brights! and the seasonals!

There are nine, repeat, NINE quilt shops withing a 45 minute drive of my home!!!
Quality quilt fabric everywhere I turn...
See?  It's difficult!  Bombarded, I say...

Then there are all of the Books and Patterns!!!

If you have seen any of the myriad of new books out on the stands recently,
then you will soon realize, as I did, that this could be another problem...
here's the latest one (book or problem? you choose!) that has jumped into my hands and begged to go home with me:
From peeks that I've shown in the last couple of weeks, you might recognize the cover of this book and what I'm working on now... 
(It has Ticking!!! one of my problems... 
It has cross stitch! 
It has applique!! 

my spring project from In My Garden, by Dawn Heese.
 (click on her name and visit her blog - she's has a new book coming=can't wait!)
And I am loving this project!!! 
Thanks, Dawn!  [I want Dawn to know that she is one of "those contributors to my problem!" j.k.  :) ]

I guess I will have to accept that this
"Liking your job" is really just a minor problem...
(if I can control myself)!
And, all of this drooling over and touching fabrics,
scanning all of the new books and patterns as they come in? 
Well, I suppose that this keeps me out of major trouble...

Just don't ask how many projects I have going at one time!!!

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Happy Stitching!!!


  1. I share your love of quilting and could feel my adrenalin rising as you wrote about working in a quilt shop! I worked in a quiit shop for a few years and never had so much fun in my life! Every day was a wonder. What new things were coming in, visiting with customers was a joy. Thanks for refreshing my memories of working at the quilt shop.

  2. It's wonderful to love your job! I love all the fabrics too but I'm just a beginner so learning how to match them, how to make the blocks, etc. Struggling with something called Triangle Geese, not the standard flying geese- those are easy, these have a little half sq triangle embedded in them. Stopping at my quilt shop on the way home begging for help! Have fun at work.

  3. I came over to see this one! I just love her book and have wanted to make this one...just haven't "YET"....gosh I hope I get to it all in my lifetime!

  4. Tis the season for rabbits. Love what you have done.


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