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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pushing change... (& giveaway reminder)

As I drove to do my collection of errands this week,
I noticed that many front doors had a wreath hanging.  
Almost all were wreaths of forsythia...
As I noticed more and more doors hanging with forsythia,
what came to mind was
ONE:  there was a forsythia wreath sale that I missed,
and TWO:
old wives' tale about the coming of spring,
or more correctly,
the going of winter...
"Three snows after the forsythia bloom"

[My forsythia bush is still just brown twigs... dead-looking brown twigs.
It was in the front yard,
but was moved during some easement construction,
 to the side yard -
regulated to a space between the electric box and propane tank. 
And that area did need some color -
I'm not sure that it does that, brighten a space,
or just draws attention to the yucky green box and big white tank.]

Anyway, back to the wives' tale...and all of those artificial blooms...
"Three snows after the forsythia bloom"

Well, I don't think that the old wives meant an artificial forsythia wreath in bloom, folks!

I can tell that there are a whole lot of people out there ready for some change...
but, way to go with the positive thinking!!!

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