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Monday, March 21, 2011

my spring color palette

I pulled a pattern and some floss
for a 6 month Block of the Month class
that I'm going to try to get going...

The pattern has three good sized panels
to hand embroidery stitch - one each over three months,

and four smaller panels
to hand embroidery stitch - two each over two months,

then piecing and borders all around - to be divided among the five months....

That's five months to do
all of the hand embroidery stitching & all of the piecing;
then the last month, the sixth,
will be to put together all of the pieces!

We can start in April, and have a top by September!

Here are the flosses, laying on the stitching fabric...
on the far left, the Spring-y colors...
 the colors that the pattern called for:
The colors that I changed to are in the same order, on the right...
and some of the fabrics for the pattern across the bottom...
(double click on the pic to get a close up of the fabrics and flosses)
Yes, my choices are a little darker, but more in my color palette...
(: I have been told that I live on the dark side of the fabric world :)

OK, my choices are not really spring colors,
but it's a Halloween pattern,
so I had to go with what's right for me and my Halloween!
More later,

Happy Stitching!

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