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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

have I ever mentioned

that I love my family?

Here's the latest reason:
I have a niece that is marrying this summer.
My brother, her father, is getting all gung ho about the wedding
and his "responsibility" in the food department
(You have to give the Dad some responsibility, don't you know).

My family,
we always try to raise our food.
Always have.
Probably always will.

So, my Brother - the Father of the bride?
He's taking his assignment seriously...
  1. He already has the beef  for the meal with an appointment for the freezer.
  2. He planned ahead and ordered the eggs/hatchling chickens -
(no, not those)

so he is the proud father owner
of 100+ little chickees. 
      3.  Oh yeah, he also ordered his spring seed...

Do you know how many lettuce seeds are in a pound???!!!

Maybe a bazillion-gazillion!
It's kind of like ordering a pound of feathers
(: I did that once - different story for a different time :)
Let's just say,
I think we'll be having plenty of lettuce for the wedding!

This is going to be some Goooooo-ooood wedding food, folks!
And, see, you have to love 'em when they go and do stuff like this!

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