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Thursday, March 10, 2011

meanderings again...(& P.S. giveaway reminder)

First - look at this spring beauty! 
Joell has done it again, another finish that is beautiful!
Next up, a surprise for an Alabama fan
(when I first heard she had an "Alabama" quilt, I just assumed the football team...
that's the type of t-shirt quilts I usually get to do...)
But, no, a total shocker when I pulled it out!
It's a great collection of memorabilia!
And, last, a little repair job...
the smoking end of something
got on the fabric part of the bed cover...
so...yep, burnt right through...
top, batting, stitching and backing.
You can tell where the repair place is if you look for it, but probably good enough job to make it usable again.

So, that was part of last week's fun that I got to have!
What about you?  
Having any fun?

P.S. don't forget about my giveaway!
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  1. I really like this orange and blue quilt. I wouldn't have thought of combining them, it gives me some ideas.


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