Lucy Boston

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good bye snowmen, hello spring (almost)

(I think there is a song there - Hello Sunshine, Good Bye Rain?)
I love the snow
and winter
and the wind
and the quietness of the season,
and, and, and...

It's a sad day...

taking down all of my paper snowflakes... packing them away;
making the snowmen go back into their hiding places for a few seasons.
(But, hey, they're snowmen, they're used to it!) 
(good bye, snowmen)
And don't feel bad for them, they get to take the winter quilts with them!
Oh, look! 
They have their own jeering cheering fans - left and right! 
(Yeah, I'm weird, but it made you smile, too, didn't it?)

Here in central Ohio we welcome
the beginning of Daylight Savings Time
TODAY, the 13th of March...

and the
arrival of Spring
is not officially until next week,
on the 20th of March...
Here's the thing: 
I have that scratchy-froggy-throat-sinus-drainage STUFF.
And I don't really feel like doing much else the last couple of days...
except drink hot tea and melt vitamin C lozenges in my cheek and sit in my lazy-girl chair.
But, I really can't just sit and do nothing!,
I've tried - soooo boring!
my applique project to the rescue.
And it just happens to be a spring thing.
(I hinted at this a couple of days ago with a couple of pics.)

OK, so maybe a whole lot of green bias strips don't exactly scream "Spring",
but the flower heads that have their raw edges pressed under,
and the few leaves that are the same? 
I think they are "spring-y". 
Down in the bottom right corner? 
A stack of about 70 chunks of fabric
that are just waiting to turn into pressed leaves! 
Now that's Spring-y!

Yep, I guess I'm
"thinking Spring"...
I'm stitching feverishly (no pun intended),
 so this one might just happen in a timely manner!

I guess it does sound as if I'm chasing away the snowflakes and snowmen;

Are you also "thinking Spring"?


  1. Awww, I loved the photo of the snowmen leaving. Cute and sad all at the same time! Yes, thinking Spring but I have to finish my quilt that has more Autumn colors. Maybe I'll sneak in a small project with bright colors! Someday I'll take an applique class. I want to know how to make those cute seasonal wall hangings.

  2. That snowman picture made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the laugh today. M

  3. I like your snowmen pictures, too. (I have my own collection of snowmen... I like your melting snowman.) Those bunnies shouldn't be too sure of themselves,especially the one with his paws on his hips; I'm guessing it won't be too long before they too will be replaced.

  4. Loved the snowmen, great picture!


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