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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Busy, part two

First, I never heard from Alecia of NY - one of the cinnamon-grunge candle winners, so I re-drew and the new winner is.....
Diane - the first comment left.  I've emailed her and will get these gifts out ASAP!
Thanks for playing along!!!
Now, on to the busy-ness:

It's been super busy around here -
as Sunday night was The Annual Bonfire/Chili Cook-Off. 
It was a great gathering! 
Lots of friends/neighbors, lots of great chili,
and the weather was cool cold and crisp!
And of course, lots of laughs and visiting!

Someone asked how many years I have been hosting this event,
and I decided I don't know. 
I'm going to have to make a sign:

*don't know how many years, as we are all gettin' older and can't remember :)*
The chilies were all great - there were eight contenders!
I had to triple taste before I voted :).
The was even a potato chili soup for the non-chili eaters!

neighbor Mike on the left - he knows how to sample chilies!!
The winners this year were
Taco Chili and Male Chauvinist Chili.
Both had a great, hot bite to them,
but not so hot that you couldn't taste them.
There were also fifth-pound franks to roast over the fire.
Of course, there were breads & corn breads, corn chips, cheeses, onion cassarole, and toppings galore.
AND a big ol' chocolate cake, cookies, a couple of apple pies and ice cream in case you were still hungry.

Going to have to add another tent and more tables for next year, as it was packed full this year!
Oh, and, the things you can learn about your neighbors
as you sit around a bonfire to talk!!!
neighbor Jim counting his fingers
It's nice to laugh that hard.

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