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Sunday, November 20, 2011

primitive eye candy & signs that you are a country gal

First, thanks soooo much to Laura for letting us roam your home.
Wait, the real reason we were there
was to work on our Path to the Civil War quilt, wasn't it? :)
We did work,
but first and in-between and during work on our quilt blocks,
we ogled.
We oogled
We drooled.
And we dreamed.

(really, we did all of those, I wasn't the only one !!! )

Laura and her hubby have the best
old farm house.
Inside and out!
Here's my version of the home tour:)
As you come to the side entrance of the house,
you are greeted by the best ever sandstone, foundation-rock, sweeping, step entrance.
And a fenced, raised, herb garden.
The herb garden is being guarded by a three-seater.
Yes, a three-seater:  as in out house.
(right there, you know you are going to be in for a great treat!!!
a real, old, three-seater!!!! in the garden!!!)
Well, it used to be a three-seater out house.
Now it's the garden shed.
Way too cute!
Then you step onto the little side porch - seating provided for taking off the muddy boots.
There is the greatest old wooden screen door.
(You know you are a country gal if the old wooden screen door gets you excited!
So nostalgic - the sound of a wooden screen door banging closed...)

Then inside the door...
I didn't want to move.
I just wanted to stand there and look!
I didn't even want to move to close the door!

My, oh, my!
Talk about eye candy!!!

It was like being in the
greatest antique store
general store
step-back-in-time EVER.
But warmer.  And lived in.
And I just wanted to move in.
But, Sweetie would miss me, I think...

There were old, re-claimed, wooden plank floors.
There were old, re-purposed-brick floors.
Then, everywhere you looked there were the greatest collections.
Quilts in every cupboard.
Quilts hanging and quilts on the backs of chairs and on the couches.
Little orphan quilt blocks made into pillows filled baskets.
There was Flow blue china.
There was yellow ware.
There were wooden bowls.
There where spice cupboards.
There were hanging cupboards
and floor cupboards and corner cupboards
and screened pie cupboards.

And if that wasn't enough,
each of the great cupboards
had it's own collection that lived with-in!
There were kid-sized cupboards
and a big ol' bowl of metal toy horns.
At the front entrance there were a whole bunch of little cabins.
Yes, we were there to try to get our Path to the Civil War quilt closer to completion.
But, every time I looked up from stitching, there was more eye candy!!!

And, then, to top it off:
she had a great lunch for us!
A great lunch that her hubby put out into a great spread!
(I'm gonna' have to get Sweetie going on this kind of thing!)

So, go back and peruse the pics again...
Every time you look, there's something else that you didn't see last time you looked!
The BEST primitive eye candy ever!

And, I know that I am a "country gal".
But I may have just proved it by admitting that
old, wooden screen doors and
three-seaters get me excited!

Oh, yeah,
I hand-stitched the center of this quilt block:


  1. How were you able to sew? Your pictures look like they could have come out of a magazine.

  2. I wouldn't have been able to get anything done! I would have just sat on the floor and looked at everything for hours.

    Some fun news: I've been following you for a while and I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award! I hope you accept

  3. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home!Drooling all over my laptop.Hugs,Jen


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