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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Way too busy, part three

Another busy part of this Autumn:

There's a new grandbaby!!!
My fav sonny and fav d-i-l had their first little one!!
I'm way too excited, and showing it, I know...
(They haven't asked me to go home yet when I'm there, so I guess I'm doing o.k. !)

Here's the quilt that I made for him before he arrived:
He sure was a "kicker" before he arrived,
so I thought this fit him :)

Back to the quilt...
I used that Minky product for the back of the quilt...
You know the stuff - It's super soft, and this was kind of long, furry stuff
so it will be a great texture thing for him.

But, boy was that a pain to use for backing!!
If you've used it yourself, you'll know what I'm talking about.
I think it stretched to twice it's width when pulled taunt on the machine!

Minky is NOT a machine-quilter's friend!!! Just saying.

I had to re-load it going the other direction, and that worked, but I sure was concerned about it being stretched too much and then making the whole quilt contract back to regular size after it was taken off the machine!

I've heard that there is now a new product that is the same softness and is Minky-like, but doesn't have the stretch...
I don't know the name, nor have I seen it, but I'll be looking for it.
Wish I would have known!

Don't forget -
today is the day to set your clocks back an hour -
I'm planning on using my extra time wisely -

off to play in the quilting studio!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Congratulations Grandma Debra! Love his new quilt.

  2. Oh so sweet....I hadn't had problems with Minky...though knew and was advised in advance about which way to load it etc. I wouldn't hesitate to quilt it again.


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