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Monday, November 14, 2011

more meandering

I finished another couple of quilts this past week -
no, not my own, but I got to meander over them for others!
I only wish they were my own!

First, Louise's magnificent star:
She is a new quilter, and so prolific.
This is the gal, who for her first class,
did the CrabappleHill Winter Wonderland.
Her first time doing red-work and first time piecing blocks. 
And it was magnificent!
Not perfect, but truly magnificent!!
Anyway, back to this weeks' meanderings.
Isn't it a beaut? 
She just has one or two more quilts and
she'll have made one for each of her family members.
(I wish I was on her Christmas list!!!)
 And, she even pieces the backs specifically for each recipient:

And, not to be outdone - Joell's work of art:
Perfect points and great color choices, as usual.
And, check out her backing - cats in the colors of the quilt top!
Almost like she had it planned :)

This is another person where I'd like to be on her gift list!!!

Great job, gals!  It was a pleasure!

the thimble-ing debate!

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