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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a new quilting home

So, the Local Quilt Shop- Always In Stitches, 
where I worked for the past few years
has closed it's doors.
Yes, I'm still sad.
I miss the folks that I worked for and with,
and all the folks that were customers of the shop that I may not see again.

But, I'm not the type to worry long over the "tangled threads", I guess.
What is meant to be will be (there is a bigger plan, I'm sure).

I do have a new place to work...
It's The Good Wives and Company.
I've written about them before:
this is where I got my little 1/4 inch hexies
and, I shared some of the goodies I've found there.

This LQS "fits" me -
I think I've told you before that when it comes to fabrics and wools
that I live a little on the dark side, haven't I? :)
Well, the gals of the GW also live a little on the fabric dark side.
They are all just as friendly and helpful as AIS was.
And, they've asked me to teach, which I love.
I think we will get along splendidly!

A few folks expressed concern that it is soooo far for me to drive,
but, really, it's the same distance north as the other shop was south.

So, anyway, I worked this past week
helping them (the GW) get ready for their Winter Open House,
then helped out Friday and Saturday
for the Open House itself and it was a blast!!!
(My normal days there will just be Tuesday and Friday,
so I can still quilt to my heart's content on the other days.) 
AND, I had quilters coming in and hugging me,
saying they were "so glad I had found a great, new home".
(thank you so much, gals - it was nice to see you all, too!)

I couldn't have expressed it any better:
that's what it feels like - a new quilting home!


  1. Congratulations Deb.....isn't wonderful how one thing leads to another. I am very happy for you and it sounds like a nice balance.

    I drive about 45 minutes to my shop and don't think a thing of it b/c if you really like where you are going....well, then its not a problem...right? :-)

    Take care! Valerie

  2. I've heard that this shop is to die for! You are so lucky!!!


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