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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thimbles, super glue & duct tape

the consensus is ...
yes, we thimble.
Yes, we all have favorite brands.
Yes, we have multiple thimbles, sitting everywhere and in each project bag.
Yes, we have permanent holes in our fingers from pushing a needle.
Yes, there are issues with our thimbles. 
They are good until they start to wear thin.
And, as Mary on Lake Pulaski replied about her thimble:  
"UNTIL it catches on lightweight applique thread
and keeps pulling the thread out of the needle -
then I throw it across the floor".
I know that feeling, exactly!!!

Someone else emailed me that you can put a dab of super glue (the gel kind works best)
on the place/hole on your finger.  That way, the needle doesn't find it's way in.
I'd be concerned about super glue addiction.  And, do I want those chemicals being absorbed by my skin into my body?

No, our favorite thimbles are not easy to find.
I know when I find a QS that has my favorite kind of thimble I buy a handful.
Not one for each size of my fingers on that hand!,
but five of the same size -
so that when I've pushed/needled enough that a hole is wearing through it,
I have another one ready to open and use. 

It's kind of like putting on a new blade on the rotary cutter.
You hold off for so long, trying to be frugal, I guess.
And when you finally break down and open the new package,
you wonder why you waited so long!!!

So, I went to the Ohio Amish area recently -
Quilt shops galore.
Quilting friend and I didn't hit them all,
but not a single shop carried
my favorite, blue plastic, diamond back thimble...

What am I going to do? 
I have projects calling my name!
I have relaxation to accomplish!

I may have to get out the duct tape as a last resort!
It does come in pretty colors now for a reason!

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  1. Just wanted to say hi! Maybe look online for your favorite thimble?

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