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Monday, November 7, 2011

meandering again

Here are the latest tops that I got to meander over for other folks
(aren't I lucky???!):

This was a block of the month that Bea did:
 This is also Bea's - it was another almost king-sized:
It's a pretty pink and chocolate concoction, isn't it?
I only have one more of hers to meander over,
and I think she's ready for Christmas!
 (wouldn't that be nice?-to be ready for Christmas?).

Next, is a very thin, woolen, whole-cloth by Margaret. 
She called it a "woolen challis",
and although I hadn't heard that term -"challis"-
used in a very long time,
it is indeed a very soft, finely woven wool. 
Her daughter contacted me and
asked if I could do something
more contemporary with it in the way of quilting.
So, here's a close-up right before I took it off the machine.
You can see the pattern of the fabric is a small check,
so I did a graphic-square/rectangle free-motion thing
all over it in a very soft blue/grey thread. 
I'm going to have to remember this
woolen challis, whole-cloth idea for myself -
next time I need a quick but special gift - whole cloth it shall be!

Later, quilt friends!
More stitching is calling me...

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