Lucy Boston

Thursday, November 10, 2011

pushing a needle aka: thimble-ing

Do you use a thimble?
wool and cotton applique,
sometimes even piecing...
Those are the times when I would put a thimble on my finger.
To push a needle.
Way too much of my time, though so enjoyable, is spent pushing a needle.
And it all falls to the
same exact point
on the same finger!
So, yes, I thimble...
as I have a
permanent hole in my finger
from stitching waaaay too much.

Yes, there is a callous there,
but there's also a little "hole" that the back end, eye of the needle ALWAYS seems to seek out and push in, making me jump and say ouch.  You'd think there would be enough callous by now that my finger would be immune to the puncturing pain,
but, no, after all these years, it's still there.
Maybe it's because I'm also always cooking and washing dishes and trying to keep my hands soft.
Maybe that's the reason it's always vulnerable.
So, yes, I always wear a thimble.

I have a few thimbles- though not as many as my scissors :)!
I like the little inexpensive leather ones on the left, above... 
They are made of soft leather and they have an embedded little metal plate that fits right on that vulnerable spot.  But, they eventually wear thin and come apart at the top seams, then, sooner than you can guess, you have become a leather repair person!  Not what I want to do in my spare time- repair leather.

Also, I like the little blue, soft, plastic ones (center, above) that have a diamond cut-out on the nail side.
Though after about a month or less of stitching, I've pushed through to my finger.
You can see on the bottom blue thimble that dark area?  That's the "wear" area, right where there is now a hole - all from needle-pushing so much.

Those are my two favs.

I even purchased one of those more expensive thimbles (the gold one on the right, above)

that is
medically designed for joint protection
and fitted to your thimbling finger by
a medically licensed thimble specialist...
(really, that's what she said---medically licensed thimble specialist!!!).
It's heavy, though, and not my first choice...

I also have a few old, metal thimbles from Great Grandma B and other relatives, but they don't really fit well, though I've tried.

I have some old plastic advertising thimbles, which I have never even thought of trying.
I've tried those little sticky plastic dots.

I have a few of those collectible thimbles from different places around the globe, though I don't think that most of them are made to be worn and used- though I did find a nice Mexican-silver thimble that fits me, but is very decorative with inlaid gem-stones that is pretty, but has the gems right where I "push".

So, let me know your favorite thimble -
or even if you have some secret about stitching with or without one.

My thimble-ing finger will thank you!

Happy Stitching,
sore finger and all!


  1. I have that very same hole in my finger Debra. No solution from me - I like the leather one with the metal plate UNTIL it catches on lightweight applique thread and keeps pulling the thread out of the needle - then I throw it across the floor. I was going to try the stick on dots next, but now I'm thinking it will be just another thing taking up space with all my notions I don't use.

  2. My favorite thimble is the little blue one that you use. I have the leather ones, but I will always pick up the blue one first.


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