Lucy Boston

Monday, July 18, 2011

a cake, memories, & two quilts

The hardest part
of getting ready for
this party
was getting the doll out of the box!
I thought I was going to have to
go to the barn to get a hand saw!!!
Getting the doll into the cake
was easy after all of the cutting, prying and snippin'!

So, as I made this cake
and decorated the cake-gown
with about a
 ba-zillion little icing flower squishes,
I remembered Grandma Ruth
and her doll cakes
that she made for each of her
grand, great-grand and great-great-grand daughters.

I think it will be a happy 5th birthday party tonight.

And, a couple of baby gifts have been given this past weekend-
First up - to a new little great-niece,
I used the lil' twister template,
and added a border,
then quilted with a floral and twisty-swirly design:
 Next, to a little great-nephew
that somehow got forgotten
in the birth-quilt-gifting,
so, better late than never,
to a happy five year old:
I used that Crazy Nine Patch pattern
that has been around for about forever,
then I quilted it with a big swirly/Snail-y design.
(and because he is now five, I made it bigger and added a border.  He was a happy camper, as he was carrying it out the door when they left the reunion, and was planning on sleeping with it in the car and in bed that night!).

On the home-front/stuff to do list:
The Local Shop Hop starts this week,
so a few finishing touches left to do on a couple of samples;
AND, Vintage Trick or Treat by Crabapple Hill
CLASS is tomorrow night,
so I need to gather supplies for that.
Pictures tomorrow of the next block finish of Vintage Trick or Treat.


  1. Hi Debra,

    Your cake is totally wonderful....very detailed....I like how is sparkles.

    I get your meaning when is comes to packages and how to open

    The quilts are very nice have to be the favorite great aunt!

  2. I think I need to put my order in for next year's birthdays. The Barbie cake looks great!

  3. Thanks, gals, for the compliments! I always really enjoy the quilts- making and gifting and all of their fun...but in case you couldn't tell, I really had fun decorating the cake. It sure was worth it when she saw it, then didn't want to cut it, but to save it! lol


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