Lucy Boston

Monday, February 22, 2010

dark, dark circles

I am really enjoying all of the Olympics I have been able to watch. 
Truth be told, OK, I am watching Waaaaaaaay too much of the Olympic games.
So much so, that this is after the first few nights:
Then, after the next couple of nights:

After the first week, I tried this:
When this really didn't help (oops!, I ate more of it than I put on my face!)
I decided I should just go with the flow--you know, make a statement:
"I watch all of the Olympic games, and I am proud of it!"
And this was my second try at "going with the flow" 
(it's just really hard to see to hand stitch with these things on my face):

Then, I decided, Oh, what the heck...
the Olympics are not on much longer anyway, so
this is what I'm going with now:

How often are the Olympics around anyway???


  1. Oh my gosh -- this cracked me up!! This is what I feel like after that weekend long horse show. Thanks for giving me a good laugh my friend!!!!


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