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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

all hallows eve & quilts

The grand-kids came visiting -
Did I have tricks for them?  Why, Yes I Did!
I had root vegetables...turnips, radishes and potatoes for them. :)

After the funny looks and laughs about the turnip bags,
I also had some treats ready for them -
a few sweets and treats for the older two,
applesauce and fishy-crackers for the little guy.
Also, I had their Scaredy Cat quilts done!
Just. In. Time. (well, except for the binding on the bottom one for the little guy)

Three ScaredyCat quilts!
Oh, and in the right corner?  That's my costume!  
Batting strips - I was a Grand Mummy!!

I had the fabric for these quilts last year, before the little guy was born.  So that only took me a year, plus to get them done.  That's not bad for me.

A picture of the quilt for granddaughter:
Swirls and polka-dots, and the back with spiders!:

For the three-year-old:
 Pumpkins and spiders!
And the backing:

Spiders and Webs, Oh my!
And for the one-year-old (same as the one above),:
just a little more scrappy on the back:
They each finished at about 60 inches square.  Perfect for couch snuggling.
I used the leftover fabrics and made scrappy backs and bindings.
Almost like I planned it or something. :)


  1. I like the orange Boo fabric. And that spider fabric.....what a hoot!

  2. They look great! You are the best Grand Mummy ever!


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