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Monday, November 3, 2014

Four flags and an Oops

Month three in the sew-along
(with Lori of Humble Quilts)
of Flags of the American Revolution has ended.
And I got my flags all sewn! 
(I say that with an exclamation mark because I thought 
I wouldn't have time to do these October blocks, 
so I'm excited that I did get them done.)
Here are my finished blocks:
flags, #'s 5, 6, and 9
Well, finished except for the addition of star buttons in the empty fields of the top flag above and below.  I'm still searching for star buttons.  If not available, I'll applique woolen stars.
flags, #'s 9 and NOT 13 (but 7)
We were given five, STRIPED flags to sew for October.
Note my last flag?
The all blue one with appliqued stars...the one that has no stripes?

Yeah, that's an Oops!
But I'm counting it as one of my five, stripes or not.  :) 

A few close-up pics to show my fabric choices:

I embroidered the tongue and eye of the Rattlesnake 
on the Union Jack flag, using size 12 Valdani Pearl cotton, 
a dark, charcoal grey #8123.
It was another fun month of flags and American Revolution history!

I'll just have to remember to make the #13 flag when Lori has us do the #7.  I've placed a marker in my book so I don't repeat.  We'll see if that works.  :)

Happy Stitching!,
and Happy November!


  1. Looks great! I ordered the book, but I'm not making the blocks yet. Don't know when I will, but I really want to. If I get organized, maybe I can squeeze it in.

  2. The flag that is just ten strips sewn together was my favorite one to make. So easy. But a bit boring to look at.

  3. Great blocks. I think you are ahead because there is a lot more work on block 7.


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