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Monday, November 10, 2014

only 45 more days...

Since I just last week finished up 
my three All Hallows Eve quilts
that I gifted for the grandchildren,
I got to thinking that I'd better get busy on thinking about
the gift-giving for Christmas.
Which, by the way, is only a month and a half away!!!

Do I even have time for quilt-y gifts for Christmas??
Why, oh why, do I do this?
So it's time, NO!, PAST TIME 
to get busy on stuff for Christmas!!!
Besides quilting my grands' Scaredy Cat quilts,
I also meandered over a couple more quilts for a friend -
she HAS been thinking and working on her Christmas quilt gifts.
She made two of these quilts:
With the cutest open-dot backing fabric:
So I did meandering with an open-dot swirl. ^
Perfect piecing!:
So cute!  And it has me inspired!
Time to get cranking on the Christmas season things to do!!!

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