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Thursday, November 13, 2014

my story and sticking with it

I have a wedding quilt gift to make.
The wedding was a few years ago, so, yes, it's due.
I awaited the color choice of the wedding couple before I got started.
Their answer was:  'Neutrals.  Maybe with some blue?'
My question back was which color of blue?
Marine? Baby? Navy? Aqua? Turquoise?, etc...

Finally, working with/talking through their momma, 
I got the answer: 

So, after three+ years of awaiting answers
 (: That's my story and I'm sticking with it! :),
I've chosen some fabrics:
Some from the Lexington line, some from Songbird, 
and other random pieces from my stash.
Fat quarters totalling:  3 3/4 yards light, 2 3/4 yards medium/dark, and then 1 3/4 yards dark & blues (the pattern called for red/greens for this).
This fabric accumulation has been hanging out on my table this past week...
and after seeing this photo again, I think I'll pull out the light, fifth from the left - too medium looking.  Also, the flash on the blues make them look too bright, so I may pull the blue with stars, second from right.

I'm using a pattern called Anniversary Stars, 
 from the book: 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts by Evelyn Sloppy
I've used more than a handful of patterns from this book, and love it.  They are quick to cut, the directions are great, with nice illustrations.
Though the quilts ARE quick cut,  
they. are. NOT. quick. to. sew. back. together.
So, this may take me a while. Longer.

I used this exact quilt pattern for this recipient's sister's wedding gift.  
And it's great for this couple, too.  Ohio Star looking for an Ohio-born couple.  The title of Anniversary Stars, great for a wedding gift I think.
I just need to find a border fabric.  Hopefully THAT won't take me another year.


  1. what a beautiful pattern you're following! I really like your fabric selections, that will be so pretty when it's complete ~

  2. Nice fabrics you have picked out! I like the pattern too. Are you bringing this project to Shipshe? I'd like to see the book.


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