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Friday, November 28, 2014

Dear Janes from Dear Jane Retreat #1 & Black Friday

Black Friday!!
I don't participate in the shopping craziness, but usually
do some cleaning in prep for the decor changeover in my home...
I remove all of the Autumn-looking quilts, table-toppers and pumpkins and replace with Winter-looking quilts and snowflakes and snowmen.  Rather minimalistic compared to what all used to come out of storage.
Anyway, after that change-up, then treat myself...I sew!!! 
It's a pretty relaxing day.
But before I start up my sewing machine, 
I do want to share some more pictures from my last retreat...
The Dear Jane retreat mid-November is over...
and boy, oh boy, was it a good one!
The retreat, as any retreat, was wonderful, but
besides it being a great retreat, 
there were Five more Goddesses!
You reach Goddess status if you are a member of this group 
and finish your Dear Jane quilt.
Though I'm unorganized, forgetful, and don't have everyone's names, there were such beautiful Dear Jane quilt finishes this year, and here they are:
LuAnn, of Loose Threads blog fame
I probably should have done some photo cropping; sorry I didn't, but wanted to share sooner than later.

Also, did you notice that if you do a Dear Jane quilt that you have to dress to coordinate with your quilt? :)  I'll have to remember that for some year.

More quilts from show-and-tell tomorrow.

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